Mr. Sushil Agarwal, Managing Director

Mr. Sushil Agarwal was born in Aligarh and raised in Ahmedabad, India. With a degree in Business commerce he has been a vibrant leader of a family based textile business that was one of the pioneers of textile industry in Ahmedabad. Being an innovator he has constantly introduced new technologies to the textile market and today earned a synonym of ‘quality supplier’ in the minds of many global customers.

Mrs. Madhu Agarwal, Director

Mrs. Madhu Agarwal also a pioneer in this business was born and raised in Mumbai. She comes from a multicultural family background of large business export houses. Being a textile designer gives her a natural sense of design development which has helped MIL achieve qualifying benchmarks in the Global market. Apart from being a successful international businesswoman, she also actively participates in philanthropic activities.